Thursday, April 28, 2011

Almost time to head to Maine!

Well, it’s late April and we’ve turned the corner heading towards summer, and I’m setting my sights for my camp on Little Sebago Lake in Maine. Last month we turned the clocks ahead an hour so now the days seem longer. The tulips are poking up through the leaves we didn’t rake last fall before the first snow fell. But that’s outside. Inside my house, there are also signs that we are heading toward summer. The biggest clue is the pile of “stuff” in the basement packed into boat bags ready to make the trip to camp in next month. There are the towels with the embroidered moose that someone gave me for Christmas, the ant cups I found on sale at the local hardware store, and a new corkscrew, even though I’ve been known to drink mostly box wine in the summer.

Then there is the bag of books. Although I recently purchased an eBook reader, I still collect print titles that I want to read and then add to my camp bookshelves to share with others. Sometimes, I just want to feel the paper and smell the ink when I turn the pages. Call me old fashioned. So, into the book bag I’ve tossed Old Maine Woman by Glenna Johnson Smith and Ardeanna Hamlin’s new book, Abbott’s Reach.

This summer our new grandson Ben will celebrate his first birthday at camp with us, so we’ll need a high chair, a crib, and a couple of baby gates to seal off our deck. Oh yes, then there’s the stroller and the new life preserver. Uh oh. Are we going to have room in our trunk to carry all this stuff to Maine?