Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We raise the flag on our deck as soon as we arrive at camp—to let everyone on the lake know we are back in Maine. As if they cared. Our camp was built in 1961 by a New York City policeman who brought the flag pole here from the NYC Stone Container Building. It is installed in a corner of our deck. How he got it, I do not know, but our American flag flies from it as long as we are in residence. In deference to our Midwest home and our daughter and son-in-law's alma mater, (and my favorite college football team!) we also fly the Block O. Go Buckeyes!  It's a sure sign that I am "from away" I suppose.


  1. Beat, beat Ohio State--it's a know nothing party school.

    A Michgan fan

  2. you should ban Michigan fans from your blog. :)