Thursday, June 9, 2011

What to do when it rains?

Every year, we have guests who visit us at our camp—sometimes when we are not there. Although my husband and I enjoy just sitting around the deck or soaking in the lake, we often find our guests get antsy after two or three days of this “relaxation.” We have a repertoire of spots we like to visit on rainy days when we cannot sit out on our deck or cruise in our boat or just look at the lake. Now mind you, these are spots we visit when it is dismal and gray outside, but we send our guests off when the sun is shining, so these visits are glorious to them.

This summer, I will try to highlight a new destination each week or so—my aim is to showcase destinations or drives within a 100-mile radius of my camp—perfect for day trips for anyone staying at Little Sebago Lake, Sebago Lake, Thomas Pond, Crescent Lake, and Panther Pond.

Now mind you, these are just places we like to visit, and if you have a place you like to visit that you think I should visit and write about, I hope you will tell me in the comments section of this blog. Or you can email me at

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